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    Workout in hotel room

    What workouts do you do when you travel on business?  Workouts can have enormous physical and mental benefit when travelling for business, such as boosting your immune system, improving productivity, reducing travel strain and helping to alleviate jet lag.  With a full day of travel, delays, meetings, business dinners and routine work from home, spending a little time working out can be both beneficial and an enjoyable component of your business journey.

    These workouts are designed to be completed in your hotel room, hotel gym or outside in a park.  Remember to warm up and cool down before each session.

    Pyramid Workouts

    10 Squat – Rest 10 seconds

    20 Squats – Rest 20 seconds

    30 Squats – Rest 30 seconds

    40 Squats – Rest 40 seconds

    30 Squats – Rest 30 seconds

    20 Squats – Rest 20 seconds

    10 Squats – Rest 10 seconds

    Repeat this workout up to five times taking a two-minute break between each round.  I’ve used squats in this example but you can substitute your preferred exercise.

    Mixed Pyramid Workouts

    10 Squats – rest 20 seconds

    15 Press ups – rest 30 seconds

    20 Burpees – rest 60 seconds

    15 Press ups – rest 30 seconds

    10 Squats – rest 20 seconds

    You can adjust the exercises and reps in this mixed pyramid workout to suit your level of fitness but remember to match the intensity of the exercise to the rest period.  Repeat three to five times for maximum benefits.

    Tabata Workouts

    Jumping Lunges 20 seconds

    Rest 10 seconds

    Repeat 10 times

    This type of workout works best with dynamic moves like jumping lunges, squat jacks, tuck jumps or burpees.

    lunges in hotel room

    AMRAP (as many reps as possible!)

    20 squats

    20 press ups

    20 jumping jacks

    20 high knees

    20 plank jacks

    With no rest period, AMRAP workouts force you to work hard throughout the entire workout.  Set your timer for anything from 10 to 30 minutes and keep rotating through your chosen exercises.

    EMOM (every minute on the minute)

    10 burpees or

    20 press ups or

    30 plank jacks

    EMOM is excellent for measuring pace and progress but in order to be effective, it’s important you get adequate rest between each set.  Set your timer between 10 and 30 minutes and then on each minute perform your exercise.  Keep an eye on the clock to see if you’ve completed the set exercises faster or slower for each minute.

    Finding time to exercise when you’re travelling for business can be difficult.  However, these fast, fun and effective workouts will complement rather than disrupt your business travel schedule.

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