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    The majority of hotels across the globe have gyms these days.  So if you are a gym lover and travelling for business you can usually find most of what you need to stay fit on the road, although you may need to adapt and improvise your usual routine.  Hotel gyms can range from basic basement rooms with a smattering of equipment through to high-end hi-tech luxury facilities.  Here’s how you can best make use of both.

    The Basement Gym

    Interior, gym of a modern house with spaNot having access to your usual workout equipment can throw you but remember your body is a great workout machine too.  Press ups, planks, squats and burpees will all quickly get your heart rate up.  Plus lighter equipment such as resistance bands, stability balls and medicine balls will work your muscles as effectively as heavy duty weight lifting machines.

    Lightweight equipment and bodyweight workout:

    • 5-minute gentle jog on the spot to warm up
    • 15 jump squats
    • 15 bicep curls with dumbells
    • 15 medicine ball slams
    • 15 clams with resistance band
    • 15 plank taps
    • 5 minutes of stretching to cool down

    Repeat the circuit 3 – 5 times with a 2-minute break between rounds depending on time available and your fitness levels.

    The Hi-Tech Equipment Packed Gym

    Don’t shy away from the machines because you are not familiar with them.  Read the image based instructions on the side of the machines which are generally self-explanatory.  If you’re uncertain about how much weight to use, start low or seek expert advice from the gym’s resident trainer.

    Hotel gym machine workout:

    • 5 minute warm up on a rowing machine
    • 15 reps horizontal seated leg pressFitness club in luxury hotel interior.GYM concept.
    • 15 lat pulldowns
    • 15 reps cable biceps bar
    • 15 reps cable triceps bar
    • 15 hanging leg raises
    • 5-minute cooldown on treadmill or bike

    Repeat the circuit 3 – 5 times with a 2-minute break between rounds depending on time available and your fitness levels.

    Alternatively, for a fast, simple workout to burn off any stress at the end of the day use the treadmill for interval training:

    • 1-mile jog to warm up
    • 10 x 200m fast with 100m jog recoveries
    • 1-mile jog to cool down

    Remember hotel gyms can get busy with holidaymakers during peak times.  So, make the most of out of hours and go before breakfast to energise you for the day or late at night for a cool down session to help you sleep.

    Whether the gyms are hi-tech and packed with equipment or a simple basement room with some lightweight equipment the trick is to understand how you can make good use of what’s available to get the best possible workout.


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