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    Research paperPreparation is the key to healthy and profitable business travel.  Choosing the right read, however, can be time-consuming in itself!  Let our Consultants help you with their recommendations – after all, they read non-stop when travelling, it’s part of their job!

    The following is a list of publications highly recommended by our Travel Health Consultants.  You can access the information supplied by clicking onto the link provided and downloading a copy of the publication or by purchasing the publication on line through a reputable bookseller.

    UK based publications

    The UK Emergency Travel Document

    The United Kingdom Department of Health provides detailed advice on how to obtain an emergency travel document if your passport is lost or stolen.  Click here to download the relevant pdf.


    Safety and Security for Women Who Travel (Travelers' Tales Guides)

    by Sheila Swan [Travelers' Tales]
    Price: £55.69

    Obviously aimed at women travellers, this book combines anecdotal based recommendations with practical advice and is designed to support women through information provision, demonstrating understanding and inspiring confidence to attain a higher level of competence to travel anywhere in relative safety.    The book is an easy read for those new to business travel.  The anecdotal information provides really useful tips that one might not have thought of before or just needs to be reminded of.

    This book provides practical tips on how to reduce stress, be more productive and travel with more confidence.  Every little tip helps and Carol has provided loads of them through humorous anecdotes and box like fact boxes.

    Travellers' Health: How to stay healthy abroad

    by Richard Dawood [Oxford University Press, USA]
    Price: £10.99

    Whether you are travelling aboard for business or pleasure, this book provides essential, detailed, practical advice for journeys all over the world.  This fifth edition is a complete revision of a best-selling comprehensive and trusted guide.  This new edition brings together state-of-the-art background information and specialist advice from more than 70 leading experts from several countries in a compact format.  It is also available in an electronic edition.

    Packed full of sensible, practical advice written by an expert.  Dr. Jane Wilson-Howarth is a GP, trained zoologist, parasitologist and experienced expedition doctor.  This extremely useful book outlines a range of solutions from unfamiliar names of foreign drugs in a chemist to how to treat bites and stings.  While more appropriate for business travel to less familiar parts, it is still a useful guide to most parts of the world.


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