• Kathy Lewis, BCApSc, MSc, MBA, RNutr.,
    Nutritionist & Executive Wellbeing Consultant

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    Kathy Lewis

    Kathy Lewis

    Kathy Lewis, Director and Founder enjoys a multidisciplinary career.  Kathy is a Management Consultant, Chartered Marketer, Consultant Nutritionist (Registered Nutritionist and World Public Health Nutritionist) and Health Promotion Specialist (Executive Travel Wellbeing) with over 25 years experience.   Her specialist areas includes travel nutrition, executive stress & wellbeing (including jet-lag and travel wellness),  travel policies, corporate vitality, employee engagement, marketing and internal communications.

    Kathy holds several relevant degrees, in Human Nutrition and Food Science (BCApSc), Applied Psychology (MSc) with distinction (Executive stress and coping behaviours) with additional modules in health promotion, and Business Administration (MBA) majoring in marketing (healthy options at catering establishments).

    Over the last 25 years, Kathy has worked as a consultant and advised in various industries, from food and health to financial services and telecommunications, on nutrition, executive wellbeing, change management, internal communications and employee engagement. She has worked with a variety of clients across local government, NHS, educational institutes, NGO’s, national and multinational companies.

    As a Management Consultant (post MBA) Kathy was required to travel to several locations each week and in 2002 began her masters in Applied Psychology (& Health Promotion) as a result of observing the stress in senior managers.  She was awarded a distinction for her research on work-related stress and maladaptive behaviours.  Prior to this, Kathy spent many years working with catering establishments to provide healthy options, and prior to this working in diet and fitness centres, following her degree in Human Nutrition and Food Science in 1989.   Combining all areas of experience and expertise was the obvious way forward, and subsequently founded the concept of business travel vitality and wellbeing.

    Kathy is a former Consulting Editor for Readers Digest Association Inc (USA) and Readers’ Digest UK (Vivat), as well as the former founding Non Executive Editor for the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) Food, Drink and Agriculture group. As an author, she has written a number of publications and a variety of articles in consumer publications and professional journals, with guest media appearances on a number of radio shows, including the BBC, London and regional radio.  She enjoys public speaking on a range of topics and is a regular speaker at professional events.

    Kathy is also the Founder of the International Forum for Health Promotion and Education, a board advisor for the Tessa Sanderson Foundation and Academy, the former Honorary Secretary for the Institute of Health Promotion and Education, a founding Council Member of the Association for Nutrition and former non-Executive Director for the Association of MBA’s (where she chaired the Governance Committee and was a member of the HR Committee and Strategic Working Party). Kathy also chaired the Finance Group at the Chartered Institute of Marketing and is a committee member for the Food, Drink and Agriculture group.

    She is a member of the Royal Society of Arts, Institute of Directors, Chartered Institute of Marketing, Association of MBAs, Institute for Health Promotion and Education, Nutrition Society, SENSE, World Public Health Nutrition Association, Association for Nutrition (UK) and International Travel Writers Alliance.

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    Nutritionist & Executive Wellbeing Consultant

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