• Travel Wellbeing Essentials

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    Travel wellbeing often means adding some personal comforts to alleviate some of the strain.  The items below may help make your journey easier and healthier.  

    Lightweight Foot Rests are often reported to help reduce strain on the lower back and relieve swelling in the ankles…

    Go Travel 2665403031 – Footrest(Apparel)

    by Go Travel [Go travel]
    Price: -

    Go Travel Super Foot Rest, Grey(Apparel)

    by Go Travel [Design Go LTD]
    Price: £12.45

    Luggage Trolleys may help prevent back strain from lifting and carrying heavy bags.  We’ve searched for those that are light weight and well ranked by other travellers.

    Compression Socks may help prevent swelling in the legs during a long flight.  Here are some well-known brands we’ve found with good reviews…

    ( )

    by - [-]
    Price: -

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