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    In a heat wave, most travellers will purchase a bottle of water before embarking on their journey.  However, ‘buyer beware’ is a good motto when choosing from the shops that stock cool safe bottled water to drink, as you can pay over the odds unnecessarily.

    At the height of the summer heat, I checked out Liverpool Street station in London and found bottles of water were best purchased in the least likely places.

    You may walk past the Hemsai Food and Wine stores at the top of the escalator.  Prices here were £1.30 for a 750 ml bottle of chilled water.  Clearly just off the train this might be your first port of call, but it is much cheaper only metres away.

    DSC00194 Delice de France Liverpool street station You may walk past Delici de France where the same size bottle was nearly the twice price at £2.40 for 750 ml.  This is what happens when combining much needed refreshment with a convenient  quick bite!

     You may walk past AMT Coffee where 750 ml was £1.90, and similarly Upper Crust at £1.95,  or the Whistle Stop shop at £1.65 for 750 ml.

    These, so far, are all on the main thoroughfare and can charge very busy travelling executives exactly what they like.

     Instead head straight for Boots where two 500ml bottles of water are just £1 or one bottle of 750mls was £1.15.  No reason why 1 litre of water in total would be less at £1, but there you go!.

    DSC00191 (2)Alternatively head straight for Marks and Spencer where 750 mls is £1 per bottle (and grab your breakfast or dinner at the same time).

    Or if in a dire hurry, head straight for the fruit stand next to the main underground entrance/exit near the ticket machines where 500 mls water is only £1. Surprisingly they had a fridge stocked with chilled bottled water.  And while you are at it, choose some fruit as this will also add to your fluid intake for the day, while supplying vital nutrients and fibre  at the same time (with little calorific value). Great customer service combined with fresh healthy produce.

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