Commercial Support

Attempting to reach the executive travel market with a travel and/or health product requires a great deal of insight, planning and promotion. Above all it relies on knowing executives’ travelling needs and matching your product’s benefits to their specific travel and health requirements.

Business travel is expected to grow steadily over the next decade. This year the forecast was a 5.4% increase, reaching the staggering £256 billion expenditure. The predicted growth is over 7% up per year for the next five years. Travel goods sales are also forecasted to increase with some countries reporting a rise of over 20% in 2012 since 2011. Similarly, the sales of health products rose by 6.5% in 2011 despite an economic downturn. Overall there is a predicted rise in both business travel and the sales of supporting products and services.

Our travel wellbeing and health promotion experts can support your existing or new product/service to achieve a greater success in this increasing yet sophisticated market. We aim to support your business by tailoring the level of support we can provide to enhance your market approach. Check out our comprehensive range of services below. We will even consider supplementing a number of services to meet your more specific commercial needs.

Exhibitions, demonstrations and
product launches of travel-health
related products

Professional NetworkAdd credibility to your exhibition stand, demonstration or product launch with our qualified nutrition, exercise and executive wellbeing experts. You will immediately notice our health specialists’ passion for travelling as they engage and interact with your target audience on a professional level while demonstrating products which they will have independently tried and tested. In doing so, they will captivate executive business travellers and journalists with clear explanations of the benefits of the products based on their experience and expertise having personally used them. Contact us to find out more

The travel health expert’s face
behind the product

Commerical expert face behind iStock_000012454352XSmallPositioning your travel or health products to business travellers is more effective when they are able to identify with an expert behind a brand. Appointing our travel wellbeing specialists as an expert face behind your brand can provide that quintessential trustworthy image. Once we have tried and tested your product we can then offer an independent expert’s opinion based on the health and wellbeing benefits that your product may offer. We will not only be the experts facing business travellers on your behalf but we will also help transform your messages to business executives through our expert’s understanding of executive travel nutrition and wellbeing buying behaviours and travel habits. Contact us to find out more


New travel product/service

Commerical product pitches iStock_000022335527XSmallIf you are planning to pitch a new travel or health product to potential businesses or investors then you will probably only get one opportunity to impress. Our travel health experts can support you by matching your product’s benefits to the audience you are pitching to with our uniquely placed insight into the busy work life of business travellers and an anticipation of future trends in travel nutrition, exercise and mental wellbeing. Contact us to find out more

PR comments and quotes

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGetting key opinion leaders such as journalists, media healthcare professionals on your side is an essential component of an effective marketing plan and by doing so your travel or health product becomes memorable and respected within influential circles. We can offer a credible interface between agency and travel products/services by providing authoritative, independent expert comments and quotes for press releases. Contact us to find out more


Brand campaigns

Commerical brand campaigns iStock_000016548254XSmallBusiness travellers can be reached through a variety of media. If you are planning to advertise your travel or health product/service then we can assist you in developing travel health and wellbeing based copy for all media including websites, consumer literature, social media inclusive of guest blogs, expert tips on face book, twitter and web forums. Contact us to find out more about our support to commercial brands.