Corporate Support

Companies have a responsibility to ensure all employees are healthy and fit for work, regardless if it is overseas or in their domicile country. Supporting company representatives to make healthy choices when travelling is a cost-effective method of ensuring executives and representatives are able to work at their peak performance along with reducing executive sickness, mental ill health and absenteeism.
Our specialist travel health experts can assist your executives as well as enabling your organisation to maximise productive working hours for employees travelling and returning to work from travelling through a range of services.

Travel Policy Workshops

Click here for more detailsIs your travel policy maximising productivity, profitability and staff needs? While your travel policy may focus on cost, it still should generate a return on investment of 400% to 2000% per business meeting.  Conservative travel policies not only neglect business representatives’ wellbeing but also long-term corporate vitality and bottom-line profitability. Join our travel policy experts on our bespoke travel policy workshops.  Designed specifically for procurement managers, travel managers and HR directors, our workshops will make turning your existing policy into a more productive and profitable policy a breeze.  Click here to find out more.

Better Safety & Wellbeing for Travelling Business Women Workshops

Business woman smiling and walking at station with bagAs women move forward in their careers, they are travelling more frequently, but there is a vast difference in needs and expectations of travelling businesswomen to businessmen.  Businesswomen face greater obstacles (culturally and religiously), are more vulnerable to personal attack and theft and suffer greater stress resulting in lower wellbeing, reduced confidence, poorer work relationships and lower perceived flexibility in work commitments.
Our workshops have been specifically designed to support women who travel on business and enable them to travel safely, healthily and productively.  Click here to find out more.

Better Wellbeing & Productivity for Frequent Flyers Workshops

people at airport with plane in background iStock_000020206870_SmallGrow your global sales more effectively by enabling your frequent flyers to hit the ground running when travelling to meetings overseas.  Whether it is a client or a supplier meeting, your company representatives need to be at their best.  Frequent flyers are three times more likely to suffer physical ill health and score lower psychological wellbeing.  Our Better Wellbeing and Productivity for Frequent Flyers workshop is highly interactive and specifically designed to enable frequent flyers to increase their productivity and enhance their wellbeing when travelling.  Contact us to find out more

Short Seminars for travelling workers

Travelling seminar iStock_000001666030_ExtraSmallBoost your corporate reputation and enhance executive health practices by equipping groups of new recruits with our professional travel health, wellbeing and safety advice. Short seminars preparing business executives and representatives to travel healthily and safely can be provided at induction or during on the job training sessions.
Seminars, such as ‚Äėon the road again‚Äô and ‚Äėlet‚Äôs take off‚Äô, can be tailored to the attendee profile and the type of business travel. They include healthy eating, exercise, safety and mental wellbeing bespoke to the work environment and specific destinations.
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Itinerary support

Itinerary at Corporate Support iStock_000001571411XSmallCompanies who equip their executives and representative employees with travel health advice prior to travelling on business have a lower absentee record. Our experts can guide executives and representative employees to make healthier choices when travelling on business by providing valuable bespoke information as part executive travel schedules and preparation procedures.
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Interactive workshops

Interactive workshops are designed to equip busy executives and employee representatives with the latest travel health advice, gadgets and techniques to enhance their range of healthy options while travelling.¬† Workshops such as ‘Travelling Business Women’ and ‘Frequent Flyers’ are designed to engage the employee with informative yet fun professional advice.
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Employee wellness campaigns

CompetitionEmployee wellness campaigns impact the bottom line by promoting good health through healthier lifestyle choices. Our specialist consultants can provide exceptional support to employee wellness campaigns at a policy level and during implementation stages by imparting best practice advice, conducting travel health audits and providing a framework for incorporating travel health advice through various internal communication channels.
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Company health days

company health days iStock_000010031004XSmallCompany health days have proven to have at least a twofold return on investment. Our travel health consultants can uniquely contribute to company health days, health and well-being road-shows and wellness fairs by adding an extra dimension to the health advice repertoire already on offer. Our specialist advice on travel nutrition, exercise and stress reduction is unrivalled yet compatible with other health promotion offers and initiatives.
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Corporate intranets & staff publications

Corporate intranets and staff publications are both excellent communication channels for employees to learn about travel health and wellbeing.  Advice can be tailored to where executives and representatives are travelling on business, visiting global offices or even during the holiday season which may impact their health and return to work.  Our travel health promotion experts can provide top tips, expert interviews, answers to questions and travel health sound-bites for a variety of internal communication channels on travel nutrition, exercise and mental wellbeing. Contact us to find out more


Employee travel wellbeing talks
and engagement sessions

Employee travel wellbeing talkiStock_000016862196XSmallEmployee travel wellbeing talks and engagement sessions are aimed at increasing employee attachment to their job, colleagues and organisation. When conducted appropriately they increase job satisfaction, employee engagement and wellbeing. Companies offering competitive caring approaches such as ‚Äėcome fly with me‚Äô travel health awareness sessions can increase employee wellbeing and subsequently corporate reputation. Contact us to find out more