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Business executives are travelling more and more, with a predicted 7% increase year upon year for the next five years. Simultaneously, companies are expecting their business executives to incorporate work with travel to meet tight deadlines. This is more prevalent as transport links improve along with mobile technologies.

More so now, employees are obliged to ensure they are not only fit for work but can remain healthy during and post business travel so as to achieve an optimum level of performance and reduce the risk of post-travel absenteeism (or even the suspicion of ‚Äėpresenteeism‚Äô).

Unfortunately, over half of those travelling on short-term and/or long-haul trips will experience health impairments. As business travel is becoming more frequent, studies from the insurance claim data at the World Bank are beginning to show an increase in ill health with the increased frequency of travel. The incidence of poor physical and mental health has increased by up to 80% for the more frequent traveller.

But not all is bad news!
With adequate information and preparation, it is possible to achieve a healthy effect from business travel. Our travel well being and health consultants are here to let you know how! We will assist you in pre-travel preparation as well as guiding you to make informed choices en route, ranging from simple tips to detailed itinerary support.

Healthy Business Travel Guides

flying from the UK iStock_000012745760XSmallGoing prepared and knowing in advance what is available to eat, where to relax or even to gently work out when you’re travelling is an excellent way of remaining mentally alert, staying healthy and beating the bulge.  If you need to reach your business meeting or destination at your peak, then these helpful guides will assist you during your travel.
 Our Travel Health Experts have personally visited UK airport to check out the terminal and surrounding hotels for the best places to work, relax and nap while maintaining your mental and physical wellbeing when en route.  Our Registered Nutritionists and Dietitians have also checked out the healthier options for meals and snacks. Our guides are available either as an e-book or hard copy.  You can order our guides here.


Top Travel Tips

Top Travel tipsReaching your destination in top physical and mental condition is much easier when you have a well-informed insight.¬† Our top tips are designed to provide helpful bite-sized information for easy digestion.¬† Simply download our tried and tested advice on travel designed to remove the most common hurdles for busy executives when travelling on business … available online soon….


 Travel product reviews

Product reviews iStock_000005676380SmallAny frequent business traveller will know appropriate well-sourced travel products are essential to make travelling on business go as smoothly as possible. Choosing the right product is even more vital if you need to travel light, want to be healthy and relaxed at your destination.  Good products facilitate an easier and more conducive healthy working environment en route.
¬†Our independent reviews are free, unbiased¬†information¬†on a variety of business relevant travel products¬†which¬†our Travel Health Specialists¬†have personally tried and tested.¬† We also include¬†consumer reviews¬†and regularly update our reviews¬†to include¬†business traveller feedback and comments.¬† Click here to see our expert’s¬†advice unfold….

What to take: regulatory advice made easy!

Young woman sitting on suitcase
Taking your own food overseas can pay dividends, especially if you have favourite foods, you need to be careful about what you eat, or require a special diet that travel providers may not be able to supply en route. So if you are not sure what foods you can pack to eat when travelling abroad then try our regulatory advice to make travelling with food easier.



Workshops for travelling workers

Travelling seminar iStock_000001666030_ExtraSmallBoost your personal wellbeing and productivity with our professional travel health and wellbeing workshops. Short workshops specific to your route of travel so you can travel more healthily and safely.
Workshops include ‘Travel Fit’, ‘Travel Nutrition’, ’50 ways to reduce Travel Stress’ and ‘How to reduce Jef-lag’ are available near you.¬† Run by qualified registered Nutritionists, Dietitians, Psychologists, Physiotherapists and Fitness coaches. Attendees receive expert advice, travel pack and a Healthy Business Travel Guidebook for the airport of their choice.¬† You can register for these events here.


Itinerary support

Itinerary at Corporate Support iStock_000001571411XSmallCompanies who equip their executives and representative employees with travel health advice prior to travelling on business have a lower absentee record. Our experts can guide executives and representative employees to make healthier choices when travelling on business by providing valuable bespoke information as part executive travel schedules and preparation procedures.
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Travelling by Eurostar and beyond

tips for travel products iStock_000021870785SmallTravelling by train to France, Belgium or beyond is an excellent way to get to your business appointments in Europe.  But the last thing you want to do is to arrive at your final destination feeling rather wilted and drained from the journey.
Our consultant Travel Health Specialists have the first-hand experience of how to get to your chosen destination feeling fresh and alert, comfortable and ready to conduct business with maximum possible success.  We have tried and tested facilities available to you in the accommodating international railway stations, along with searching where to find the best food and drink buys which can be purchased en route.