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Preparation is key to healthy and profitable business travel. Choosing the right read however can be time-consuming in itself! Let our Travel Health Consultants help you with their recommendations – after all they read non-stop when travelling, it’s part of their job!

Useful Organisations

When travelling overseas up to date information and local advice is essential. Additional information can be found from various national and international websites. It is often the case that a business traveller may not know they exist or where the information can be found or how trustworthy the information may be. Our Travel Health Consultants know where to find trustworthy additional information quickly.

Bygone blogs

Blogs are a great source of information sourced direct by our experts. So we keep them available on-line for you. If you can’t view the blog on the home page, then it has most likely been filed here. We only remove a blog when the information is no longer relevant or accurate.

Extra Vitality Newsletters

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A monthly digest of chosen topics along with helpful information are stored here for your reference.
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