Workshop Facilitators

Richard Parker, FCA, is a qualified Chartered Accountant, former Finance Director at VocaLink (BACS), Head of Finance at NatWest and Principle Management Consultant at IBM.  Richard specialises in change programmes in financial services, with specific expertise in cost reduction programmes, procurement, risk and audit functions.  He will be facilitating all travel costs and profitability tools.

Professor Jason Ellis PhD; C.Psychol; EBSM. Jason is a practicing Health Psychologist (HCPC), Chartered Health Psychologist (BPS) and Somnologist.  He is the Director of the Northumbria Centre for Sleep Research and holds several posts as Professor at Northumbria University, University of Pennsylvania and Newcastle University.  He travels regularly between them and understands first-hand the challenges of travelling for work.

He splits his time between his research interests: the pathophysiology of sleep disorders (Insomnia, Restless Legs Syndrome, and Circadian Rhythm Disorders) and his applied work on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia.

He works within the National Health Service and currently serves on the editorial board of Behavioural Sleep Medicine.  His consultancy work has included; Transport for London, Cussons Pearl, UCB Pharma, Slumberdown, and the BBC.  He will be facilitating the session on the effects of long haul travel.

Dr Carol Sadler, PhD, R.Nutr., is¬† a Registered Consultant Nutritionist with the Association for Nutrition.¬† In between travelling long and short haul to find the healthiest options, she counsels in diet and lifestyle at the Surrey Cardiovascular Clinic with clients referred by the clinic’s cardiologists.¬† Carol has also worked in private practice in the middle east and was a regular speaker on radio.¬† She has written for a number of international publications and also now writes for HASTE academy, a heart health charity and provides talks on diet and lifestyle.

Kathy Lewis, BCApSc, MSc, MBA, R.Nutr., MCIM, has been a Management Consultant for over 20 years, specialising in internal communications and employee engagement.  She is also a Consultant Nutritionist (with a Bachelors degree in human nutrition), registered with the Association for Nutrition and a member of the World Public Health Nutrition Association.  She travels to Europe every month, researching healthy options en route.  She is also qualified to Masters level in Applied Psychology (distinction) with award winning research in stress and a Masters degree in Business Administration (Executive MBA).  Her background expertise is in internal communications, employee engagement, marketing (Chartered Marketer), executive coping behaviours (maladaptive) and travel nutrition.

Julie Dennis is¬†a fully qualified Fitness Coach specialising in weight loss and body transformation results.¬† She is a level 4 skilled personal trainer and a qualified member of the Register of Exercise Professionals.¬† Prior to joining ExtraVitality’s team, she worked in a global team at Rio Tinto where she experienced first hand the challenges of travel policies and incorporating a healthy lifestyle into an international travel schedule.

Ruth Cohen is a Chartered and State Registered Physiotherapist.  She runs a practice called First Physio in the Essex/London area, which has been established for 25 years.  She specialises in treating musculoskeletal injuries, (soft tissue injuries), as well as back and neck problems, postural conditions and advice on ergonomics. She also provides work station assessments. Ruth will facility the session minimising the potential on the strain of injury whilst travelling on business.