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When you travel on business, do¬†you have¬†concerns over your safety¬†or the security of your personal possessions?¬† Are you feeling you can’t control your travel and hotel environment, leading to a¬†lack of comfort, stress and fatigue? Do you suffer from jet lag, tiredness, muscle strain, lack of exercise and en route unhealthy eating patterns?

Forty years ago, only 5% of women travelled on business.  Since then, it has been the fasting growing sector in business travel with nearly half of all business travellers now women.

Yet, women travelling on business encounter more obstacles, culturally and religiously than men, and they also suffer more from high-intensity travel stressors, have different safety and security needs, lower energy expenditure and greater work-life balance commitments, often resulting in maladaptive behaviours which lead to higher BMI, blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol levels.

Combined with safety and security issues, women’s needs differ¬†from their male counterparts.¬† While men are more likely to think spa services, large baths, massage in bedrooms, fire exits and fresh flowers in rooms, women think more about room location, covered parking,¬†deadbolt bedroom locks, well-lit hallways, exercise facilities and lighter food options.

Our Better Travel РBetter Safety and Wellbeing for Women workshops have been specifically designed to support women who travel on business and enable them to travel safely, healthily and productivity.  All our facilitators are chartered/registered health professionals specialising nutrition, psychology, physiotherapy and fitness, who regularly travel.  They have been joined by experts in transport safety, self-defence and security.

brochure coverThis workshop will provide an opportunity for participants to enhance their travel wellbeing techniques while ensuring they can minimise the risks and remove undue obstacles preventing them from reaching their fullest potential from their business trips. Essentially providing eight interactive sessions all designed to enhance traveller health and safety! Delegates will be encouraged to ask as many questions as possible pertaining to how they can improve their safety, health and wellbeing, as well as try and test out new gadgets, techniques and  better personal safety practices.

The overall outcomes will include a better personal protection against attack and theft, enhanced wellbeing, improved productivity, and better short and long-term health outcomes.

HR managers and health¬†& safety advisors are welcome to join the workshop to explore ways they¬†might be able to¬†enhance their organisation’s strategic objectives to increase diversity,¬†employee wellbeing and engagement.

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