Travel Policy Workshops – London

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Is your travel policy maximising productivity, profitability and your staff needs? While your travel policy may focus on cost, it still should generate a return on investment of 400% to 2000% per business meeting.

Conservative travel policies not only neglect business representatives’ wellbeing but also long-term corporate vitality and bottom-line profitability.  If your current travel policy isn’t creating corporate and employee vitality, then this workshop is for you.

The workshop is designed to provide HR managers, procurement and travel managers a clear understanding of how to upgrade their organisation’s travel policies to enhance return on investment, while simultaneously exploring how their organisation can enhance their employee’s wellbeing and increase employee engagement and ultimately retention.

brochure coverThe course will provide an opportunity for participants to enhance their policies during the day while all six of our management and travel health specialists are present. Essentially providing six consultants for the price of one! Delegates will be encouraged to ask as many questions as possible pertaining to how they can enhance their existing policies.

The overall outcomes will include an upgraded travel policy, enhanced employee wellbeing, improved engagement and communications, all culminating in greater productivity and profitability while providing duty of care and increased employee retention.

Booking online for our next workshop will be available again soon 


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