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Business Travel Checklists

Foreign Travel Checklist (UK originated)

A quick checklist is available on line to help you plan for your trip abroad and stay safe while you’re there. The general advice on this site supplements specific country advice that you might need to also obtain.

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Country Health information

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (US origin)

The CDC website provides users with credible, reliable health information on country specific destinations, travel notices and information centres designed for those travelling from the US. It is the official website of the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention for the US Department of Health and Human Services.

Fit for Travel (UK origin)

The Fit for Travel website provides travel health information for people travelling from the UK. It is owned by NHS National Services Scotland and advice includes vaccinations needed when travelling from the UK, disease prevention and current health risks aboard. It is worth checking the up to date news on travel on this site prior to travelling.

Foreign and Commonwealth Office (UK origin)

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office website is managed by the UK government. It provides all the advice you will need for 225 counties on safety, security, terrorism, health, entry requirements and natural disasters. It even provides advice on local laws and customs.

National Travel Health Network and Centre (UK origin)

Before you book your overseas business trip, you should be aware of any health risks at your intended destination. The National Travel Health Network and Centre site provides information on over 200 countries, and includes infectious as well are non-infections health information.

US State Department (US origin)

The US State Department has a specific section on their website for travel emergencies as well as obtaining the correct documentation to travel and resources to enable healthy travel such as a A-Z country information, travel tips, currency exchange rates, work related scram information and border protection.

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Driving Abroad requirements

Driving Abroad (UK origin)

The UK government Driving Abroad website provides advice on which countries you can use your GB or Northern Ireland driving licence, and how to get an International Driving Permit for other countries.

AA Driving Tips (UK origin)

The Automobile Association provides a country by country guide to local rules for those driving on business travel. This includes advice on driving licence required, motor insurance obligations, speed limits, fuel, compulsory equipment and fines.

The planet

Medical clinics and Doctors

E-med (UK origin)

The E-med website is a membership based service (around £20, approx.24 Euros) that offer medical consultations with your own private online doctor by phone, e-mail or face to face with Skype. This service was set up for busy people who want to access a doctor straight away as they can’t wait, and need to have quick access to their doctor, from wherever they may be.

MASTA (UK origin)

MASTA has 51 Travel Health clinics in the UK where you can obtain your vaccinations for the country you are travelling to. MASTA has supported over 1,000 companies and occupational health departments whose employees work or travel board.

Travel Doctor (Australia & New Zealand)

Travel Doctor provides services to those before, during and after travelling as a complete one-stop travel health requirements for corporate and retail travellers. These clinics might also be the best first port of call if taken ill in Australia or New Zealand with travel related symptoms.

Travel Health Online

Travel Health Online provides a list of travel medicine providers organised alphabetically by country name. The list is frequently updates and access is available to travellers who register with the site (free of charge).

International SOS – International

International SOS provides pre-travel support, assistance aboard and emergency help services. Medical and security assistance is just a telephone call away, with 27 global assistance centres staffed by doctors, nurses, multilingual coordinators, security experts and air and ground logistics personal. Services are available to members.

CIWEC Clinic Travel Medicine Center (Nepal)

The CIWEC Clinic was established specifically to meet the need for a western standard clinic to treat foreign diplomats and workers in Nepal. It runs a full service clinic and hospital providing both outpatient and inpatient care. It is known internationally both for the high level of care to patients and also for its reliable research and information about health risks in Nepal.

Columbia Asia – India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia

Columbia Asia provides excellent, affordable care in modern facilities centred on patients needs. The facilities are clean, modern and designed to deliver efficient care to travelling patients.

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