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If you travel frequently, then you will know the value of well source travel products to make travelling on business go as smoothly as possible.  Choosing the right product for your needs is even more vital if you want to travel light, or plan to be healthy and relaxed at your destination.

Our independent reviews (see list below) provide free, unbiased information on a variety of business relevant travel products which our travel health specialists have personally tried and tested.  We also include consumer reviews, and regularly update our reviews to include business traveller feedback and comments.

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Which ice packs are best when travelling?

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If you are intending to take food with you on your travels, then you need to ensure that the food is kept as cool and as fresh as possible to prevent the growth of micro-organisms.   The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends food is either kept in a refrigerator or on ice (preferably below 5oC) to avoid food poisoning and ill health.

Our travel health specialists have tried, tested and reviewed several ice packs to ascertain their suitability for keeping food fresh when travelling.

We’ve answered the most common questions about performance and functionality in our reviews from how long do they stay frozen to are they lightweight, safe and will they pass through security?

If you want to choose an ice pack to keep your food fresh en route, then check out our ice-pack review and find out more about their performance and functionality.

 Which water bottle with inbuilt purification unit is the easiest to use – coming soon…..

Bottle of Water iStock_000023911995_Small
One major source of food poisoning when travelling is drinking contaminated water.  It’s always a shame when business trips end in diaster, particularlyif simply as a result of not having safe water.   Even when travelling to the most luxurious accomodation, unsafe water can spring up anytime.

Going prepared with your own water purification system, particularly if travelling to a hot climiate, is a good solution as it reduces the risk of unwanted illness and also brings with it the freedom of having safe water to drink anywhere, anytime.
Our travel health specialists are currently testing several water bottles with inbuild purification units while on their travels overseas.  They will test out ease of use, changing the filter and likelihood of leakage.  As well as exploring their overall functionality, our travel health specialists will also compare weight and design to ascertain suitability for carriage and/or packing.  Reviews due in November 2018