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I love running – it’s both relaxing and energising – the perfect combo when you’re travelling for business.

The physical benefits of running are well documented – it lowers blood pressures, improves cardiovascular performance, strengthens your joints and aids weight loss.

The psychological benefits are widely discussed now too.  Running boosts your mood, reduces stress levels and improves self-esteem.

So it’s got to be good for business right?  How can you not be motivated and productive when you’re running regularly.

If you love running like I do, you probably have your preferred routes and preferred time of day for running.  I like mid-morning, and I’ve got my favourite 5 and 6-mile loops mapped out for mid week running.

When do you typically like to run?  Perhaps you’re out and about first thing, or maybe you favour late night running but how do you squeeze it into an already tight schedule when you’re travelling for business.

Sporty coupleBy far the best runs for business travellers are the ones you actually do!  However short or however slow just get out the door and do it.  Don’t let the lack of time constrain you.  If you’ve got an hour or longer enjoy a long slow run.  If you’ve only got 20 minutes, use it for speed training, up and down the hotel corridors if necessary!

Park run is now a global phenomenon.  Park runs are weekly 5km timed runs that are open to everyone.  It’s free to participate, and the events take place in pleasant parkland surroundings.  Getting out on a Saturday morning for a park run means you actually get to see more than just the inside of hotel rooms or meeting rooms on your business trip.  Just register online, print off your barcode, and you’re good to go wherever you’re staying.

Running clubs are hugely popular, and all major cities have at least one.  You’ll find most smaller towns have their own clubs too.  So if you enjoy running in groups or enjoy structured training sessions contact the local running group and ask to join their training runs while you’re working away.  You might even meet a good business contact!

Do you like to race?  Pop over to and see what events are scheduled to take place during your business trip.

Woman monitoring her progress on smartwatchIf you prefer running solo use an app like mapmyrun.  With a community of over 30 million members, you’ve got instant access to everyone else’s tried and tested running routes. Or check out RunGo which gives you step by step voice directions so you can focus on your running rather than worry about getting lost!

As always the key to staying fit and in this case to keep on running while you’re away on business is to schedule your runs directly into your travel itinerary.

You really can stay fit and feel good no matter where in the world you’re working.

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Author: Julie Dennis
Julie Dennis is a fitness coach specializing in weight loss and body transformation results. She is a level 4 skilled personal trainer and a qualified member of the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs). Julie also holds a UK Athletics Leadership in Running Fitness qualification. Prior to training as a fitness coach and establishing herself in the health & fitness industry, Julie spent over 20 years behind a desk in London employed in a variety of roles in the management consultancy, executive search and mining industries. Whilst working as part of a global team at Rio Tinto Julie experienced first hand the challenges of incorporating fitness and wellbeing into an international travel schedule. A keen marathon runner she often found running whilst on a long a haul trip an ideal reliever for jet lag.

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