• Five actions to keep exercising on a business trip

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    Three attractive sport girls doing plank exercise in fitness class.Do you keep exercising on your business trips?  Travelling for business can sap your physical and mental energy whether it’s a national or international trip.  You’re away from your home comforts, partners and the usual office routine sometimes for weeks at a time.  It’s easy to let your fitness slip and consequently your energy drains further.

    So whether you’re planning a trip or already away here are five ideas and actions your can take today to get you exercising again.

    Exercise differently

    If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t keep your interest.  If you usually favour high energy workouts consider trying yoga.  It will give your body a break from all the high impact stuff and strengthen and condition your core so you become stronger in everything you do.  If Pilates is your comfort zone I dare you to try an HIIT workout – you might even like it!

    Action:  Take advantage of your hotel’s gym classes and book into an exercise class you’ve never tried before.

    Fitness buddy

    TWorking out with friendhis really does work so team up with a work colleague at the office you’re visiting.  It’s all too easy to skip a workout if you’re accountable to no one but yourself.  Even the highly motivated have days when you just can’t be bothered.  But, if you’ve arranged to workout with a colleague and you know they’re counting on you to be there and you’ll have to face them at work later in the day you’ll be much less likely to cancel.  Exercising with a partner is way more engaging, the time passes quickly and you can catch up on all the office gossip too!

    Action:  Scroll through your office directory and make a list of potential buddies, reach out to your fave and schedule your workouts!

    Schedule your workouts

    Include your workout times in your business travel itinerary just as you do with any other important meetings or projects.  If you’re struggling to find free time ask yourself what could be replaced or added on to.  Consider discussing business over a brisk walk or gentle run rather than across the boardroom table.  A change of scenery will stimulate a different type of thinking and result in smarter, fresher solutions

    Action:  Get your diary out now and add in your workouts for the business trip.

    Walk, Run or Dance to your favourite tunes

    Health data synchronization between smartwatch and smartphoneMusic elevates your mood, lowers stress and has even been shown to strengthen learning and memory.  Enhance your walking or running workouts with your favourite tunes.  If you’re short on time play some tunes and have a boogie round your hotel room!  Dance like nobody’s watching and get a whole body workout!

    Action:  Create a playlist of your top tunes!

    Measure your success

    How can you measure your progress or celebrate your success if you don’t track your achievements?   Invest in a beautiful journal, buy a fancy gadget, tap the information into a spreadsheet or go retro and start an exercise diary.  Seeing your progress on paper gives you a real sense of accomplishment and motivates you to keep going.

    Action:  Get cracking with your tracking!


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