Portable fitness buddies to take on your business trip

Finding the time to exercise when you’re travelling for business is tough. You’ve got meetings to attend, emails to answer, reports to prepare plus keeping on top of what’s going on in your regular office. How on earth are you supposed to find the time to go for a run, visit the gym, enjoy a brisk after-dinner walk and generally stay fit and healthy throughout your trip.

One clever solution is to pack portable fitness equipment in your hold luggage or overnight bag that will allow you to efficiently exercise in 20 or even 10-minute spurts in your room.

TRX Suspension Trainer

The TRX gives you the option of an all body workout to strengthen muscles, increase flexibility, tone up and burn fat. Use the TRX for a whole range of exercises including planks, rows, chest presses, push-ups and hamstring curls.

Easy to set up and use this is a super lean and lightweight piece of equipment that will comfortably complement a full body workout in your hotel room, outdoors or, if you’re working long hours, in the office.

Resistance band set

Work your legs, arms and core with these super light, low cost, durable resistance bands.

They come in a range of lengths and resistance levels and are easily stashed in your suitcase or laptop bag.

The bands are suitable for all levels of fitness and are an excellent tool to aid strength training, balance and coordination.

Fit deck cards

Use a set of fit deck cards to create multiple fun and varying workouts.

Every shuffle creates a brand new workout so it is ideal if you’re easily bored by repetitive exercise routines. Each card has an illustration plus written instructions as to how to perform the given exercise.

If you’re feeling creative you could design your own set!

Jump rope

More of a high-intensity workout than a playground game jump ropes help you to acquire balance, strength and agility.

If you are new to jumping start with 30-second bursts interspersed with 30 second periods of rest.

As your fitness improves gradually increase the duration and intensity of your workouts.


Ankara, Turkey - September 6, 2017: Girl holding a iPhone 7 Space Gray with music service Spotify on the screen. iPhone 7 was created and developed by the Apple inc.Listening to motivational music whilst you work out acts as both a distraction and a motivator.

Create a playlist of your favourite songs to inspire you to work harder, longer and with a smile on your face.

Use a streaming service like Spotify to personalize your musical experience – the app will learn what type of music you enjoy and suggest playlists for you to work along to.


Keep your energy levels up and your thinking smart by making fitness a priority on your next business trip. – Pack your portable buddies to make your exercise sessions fun too.

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Author: Julie Dennis
Julie Dennis is a fitness coach specializing in weight loss and body transformation results. She is a level 4 skilled personal trainer and a qualified member of the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs). Julie also holds a UK Athletics Leadership in Running Fitness qualification. Prior to training as a fitness coach and establishing herself in the health & fitness industry, Julie spent over 20 years behind a desk in London employed in a variety of roles in the management consultancy, executive search and mining industries. Whilst working as part of a global team at Rio Tinto Julie experienced first hand the challenges of incorporating fitness and wellbeing into an international travel schedule. A keen marathon runner she often found running whilst on a long a haul trip an ideal reliever for jet lag.

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