• Travelling by ferry is not always without comfort

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    Taking the strain out of travelling by sea isn’t easy, particularly when it involves ferry terminals and rough crossings. But some ferry companies are attempting to put their travellers in a much better frame of mind while crossing the British channel.

    My trip to Calais recently included a massage, something which I thought was reserved for business workplaces and certain first class airline travellers. It appears that healthy settings now include travel by sea modes as well.

    Granted it was Mother’s Day, and my husband who finally remembered halfway through the four-hour sailing when he spotted the masseur approaching travellers and offering them a chance to relax during the crossing (who were clearly working indicated by the way of their laptops were poised), naturally decided the only option was to ask the question…

    Did I want a massage? YES! I replied, relieved at the prospect of turning the trip into something more relaxing.

    Being rather tired and achy from the car ride, poor terminal facilities, anxiously waiting for boarding and becoming increasingly tense knowing more driving was to come, it was a perfect gift for Mother’s Day – as it is perfect for any business trip when a business executive wants to arrive in a relaxed condition.

    And what good timing – as you can’t exactly walk anywhere beyond the bounds of the boat to help relieve tension.

    Here’s to more opportunities to relax on future trips across the British Channel. Thank you ferry operator for this delightful service which you offer your warily business travellers, may it not just be a Mother’s Day offering and continue to be available in the future.

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