• Top three five minute workouts for business travellers

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    Woman doing back extension exerciseLack of time is the top reason given for not exercising regularly.  Yet research increasingly shows it’s the shorter and more intense workouts that will really make a difference to your fitness, fat loss and long-term health.

    I know time is tight when you’re travelling for business.  You’ve got client meetings, business breakfasts, and social time with overseas colleagues.  Add in travel delays, jet lag and trying to keep up with routine work from home and the pressures on.

    But here’s the thing, even a five minute workout will improve your fitness and boost your energy levels so you’re set up to embrace any challenge your working day brings.

    Here are three five-minute equipment free workouts that can be done at any time of day but I recommend you get going as soon as you wake up.

    There’s a theory we only get a small amount of willpower each day and that willpower is at it’s strongest first thing and particularly before you’ve tackled anything mentally challenging.

    So don’t even think about logging on and checking your emails just get up and get exercising.  Workout in your pyjamas if you want to!

    Here’s how it works:  Choose a workout, perform each exercise for 40 seconds and rest for 20.  Yes, it’s that simple!

    If you’ve got longer than five minutes then go again!

    Basic Bodyweight Workout

    Fit handsome man doing sit ups in bright living roomThis is for you if you’re fairly new to exercise or your like to take things at a steady pace.

    • Squats
    • Press ups
    • Lunges
    • Tricep dips (off the side of the bed or a chair)
    • Plank

    Killer Cardio Workout

    This is for you if you already workout regularly and your goal is fat loss.

    • Jumping Jacks
    • Burpees
    • Squat Thrusts
    • Running on the spot
    • Tick tocks

    Hardcore Core Workout

    Happy Man Doing ExerciseThis is for you if you’ve got a six pack to maintain!

    Front plank

    • Side plank
    • Side plank
    • Slow mountain climbers
    • Press ups

    It’s super important to warm up and cool down to reduce the risk of injury.

    A warm up can be as simple as dancing round the room for a few minutes to prepare both your body and mind for exercise.  The cool down is important to bring your heart rate back down and gently stretch out the muscles you’ve been working.

    If lack of time has always been your excuse for not exercising on a business trip it’s just not going to cut it anymore.

    If you’ve got a business trip coming up get out your itinerary now and block out those exercise times – treat that time with as much respect as you would an important client meeting.

    Just a few minutes workout before breakfast will make a real difference to your day.  Plus taking action that early in the day will give you a great sense of achievement and prepare your mind for further action.  You’ll be energized, focused and your productivity and performance will skyrocket.

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