Jax Thurman Dew, Director of a wine import company, shares her secrets for travel vitality

Jax Thurman Dew photo 3Jax Thurman, Director at Custodian Trading, travels inescapably for a variety of business assignments which have ranged from golf event management, wine import to soil treatments, stopping every now and again in some exotic location to paint as an accomplished artist.   Jax takes exercising in her stride when she travels and has some excellent well being travel tips for other business travellers based on her own travel experiences

How often do you travel for business? 

I travel internationally mostly in chunks. So far this year I have done a couple of months in the USA, and more recently France and Italy. Next trip will be Italy in July, then the states and Chile in October.  I try to spend summer in the UK and time to paint.  Next week I will be in York for the Women’s Food and Farming Union, then Ascot for a wine tasting. 

What are your usual business destinations?

I have paints and a base near Monterey in California.  I try to go to Chile at least once a year.

What aspect of combining travel and business do you enjoy the most?

I love intellectual ‘input’ and challenge. I am blessed to travel so much because I really enjoy meeting people and experiencing the ambience i.e. wine, food, music.

Do you have any special dietary requirements?

I try not to eat bread and pasta. I fail.

What is one of your guilty pleasures when travelling? 

Chocolate salted almonds!

Do you pack anything special when travelling on business?

My paint brushes and I wear items that were gifts from loved ones or have fond memories: a bracelet, a ring, a scarf.  I take their love with me both emotionally and physically.

What do you never travel without? 

Apart from the obvious, my earphones and A SMILE! Almost everything is out there to buy if needed…so essential items are definitely credit cards! I always take chlorine tablets, pre-bio capsules, aspirin, and wet wipes.

What are your top wellbeing tips?

At night I always place a pillow under my knees!  This allows me to cope with any bed, from plank to water!  I wash hands as much as possible.   Take my pre-bios.  Relax, whatever happens it is out of my control.  Shower and Never open my mouth in the shower! Always think about the salad, I think about the person in the kitchen who prepared the salad. I like soup!

What’s your top tip for long haul flights, such as travelling to New York?

Place a scarf over your nose and mouth on take off and if you go to sleep.

How do you reduce stress when travelling?

Avoidance on the whole!  Be early, use taxis and lifts when I have luggage and I once flew with Ryan air.  Only once. I don’t get stressed now. I breathe in the light, breathe out the grey!  Tiredness is often the problem.  I am a great fan of audio books and chess. I smile as much as possible and always try to be polite. I keep in mind if the situation is one that is something I can control at all or not. It is often out of my control so there is little point in getting stressed out.  Having tried to discuss options then asking to talk to the supervisor or manager early on calmly and quietly in situations where escalation is becoming obvious can save a lot of stress.  It may just be an experience issue. Dealing with the public every day can be very stressful!

How do you adapt your exercise schedule for business travel?

I try hard to use the stairs unless I have luggage. With more than one carry on, I always use the lift.  In hotels I go for a quick walk if I cannot find the gym.  On the plane or in airports I make sure I walk about and try not to sit waiting. There will be enough sitting on any flight or train.

Are there any new airport facilities that you are excited about? 

On long flights I will book into a ‘Club’ and just buy a shower. Makes a huge difference. 

Tell us your top 3 health and fitness tips when travelling on business?  

Take my pre-bio’s, take a scarf for the mouth and nose, Move/stretch at least every 2 hours.



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