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    Airport fitness facilities are beginning to ‘take off’ with business travellers. When you think about how many hours you’ve sat in airports waiting for your flight to be called, it isn’t surprising business travellers are beginning to demand better facilities, particularly when business travel is on the increase.

    The risks of a sedentary lifestyle are well documented so if you’re about to spend hours sitting down on a plane why would you want to use the hours immediately before the flight sitting down too? Of course there’s always the option to shop but when you’re travelling for business shopping is unlikely to be high on your agenda unless you’ve forgotten to pack your phone charger! As business travellers are asking themselves how they can better use their pre-flight time, airports are beginning to respond to their travelling needs.

    Many airports today offer a range of fitness facilities and even spas. Here are five airport fitness facilities you have to try:

    San FranciscoYoga Room Interior T1-T2 Connector

    If you’re seeking relaxation and self-reflection San Francisco airport boasts two yoga studios. Located in terminals 2 and 3 both the studios are free of charge. Mats, blocks and bolsters are provided and both studios provide pockets of peace that you’re unlikely to find anywhere else in this busy airport.


    You can find Zurich Airport’s Fitness centre on the lower level of the Radisson Blu. There’s over 2000m2 of fitness and wellness facilities including a state of the art gym offering group classes and personal trainers. Try to visit the sauna too – it’s built into the cockpit of an airbus!

    Hong Konggolf at airport iStock_000002614940_Small

    The nine hole golf course at Hong Kong International Airport is an absolute must for all you golfers. Designed to US Golf Association standards Nine Eagles golf course is located adjacent to terminal 2. You can rent clubs, shop in the pro store and the flood lighting means the course is open 24 hours.


    If you want to keep moving but a sweaty workout at the gym isn’t your thing then walking is a great alternative. Minnesapolis-St Paul International actually has a 1.4 mile walking loop specifically for that purpose. It’s a looped path so you can join at any point and has distance markers every 0.1 miles so you can track your progress.

    Korea ice skating 2 iStock_000001122544_Small

    Incheon International Airport has an ice rink! So, if you’re looking for something completely different and want to have some fun then head down to the Transportation Center and get your skates on! As a bonus, the rink is artificial so you’re not going to get wet if you take a tumble.

    Time spent at airports does not have to be wasted time. Be sure to investigate the airport fitness facilities ahead of your next business trip especially if you’ve got a long connection wait. Use those hours to get moving rather than sitting hunched over your laptop – there’ll be plenty of time to do that during your flight!

    If you can recommend other airport fitness facilities – then please feel free to share via our comment button below.

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