The perfect Personal Trainer for the business traveller

Personal Trainers or PTs don’t just help to boost your results in terms of fitness, strength and endurance they also help to keep you accountable and will create personalised workouts designed to enhance your performance.  But how do you choose the perfect PT for you, especially if you’re a regular business traveller and consequently can’t commit to a regular session each week?

What do you really, really want

Personal trainer with weightsStart with getting clear on what you want and why.

Do you want to focus on resistance training to improve your strength; do you want to lose weight so you can get into your favourite summer top; do you want to run faster so you can beat your 10k PB or perhaps run longer so you can enter an autumn marathon?

Different PTs have different specialisations so be sure to choose a PT whose expertise aligns with your goals.


The most important quality for you has got to be can they work around your unpredictable business travel schedule.  Ask how flexible they are when it comes to rescheduling and what is the cancellation policy if you have to miss a session at the last minute due to work commitments.


If the PT you’re considering is gym based and focused on working out with machines or equipment they’re probably not right for you.

When you work from varying locations you can’t guarantee you’ll have access to a gym or certain types of equipment.  You need a PT who can teach you to train with minimal equipment in between sessions wherever you are.


Personal trainer with woman exercising workout aerobic fitness posture full length What motivates you?

Do you work harder with gentle encouragement, enthusiastic cheerleading or hardcore army drill style instructions?  Choose a PT whose motivational techniques will inspire you to trainer harder.

How realistic are they

Are they promising fast results even though you’re typically away for two weeks out of every four?

Pick a PT with a realistic outlook who can design a progressive training plan that will produce long term results despite your business travel schedule.

What are their views on nutrition

Whilst you might not be hiring a personal trainer for nutrition advice it will inevitably come up in conversation during training sessions.  So, if you are a vegan you are unlikely to be suited to a PT who is obsessive about paleo style eating.

Interview your potential PT

Personal trainer with mature woman exercising fitness workout

In fact, I’d recommend you talk to at least three to ensure you find a good fit for what you need.

Are they interested in you as a person, your injury history, your likes and dislikes? Or is your potential personal trainer’s philosophy ‘it’s their way or the high way.’


As a final check before you hire your personal trainer, speak to a couple of their current clients.  It’s the quickest way to find out if their promises match the reality.

The right personal trainer and fitness plan will accelerate your fitness despite your hectic travel schedule and consequently elevate the quality of work you produce too.  It’s a win-win!

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Author: Julie Dennis
Julie Dennis is a fitness coach specializing in weight loss and body transformation results. She is a level 4 skilled personal trainer and a qualified member of the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs). Julie also holds a UK Athletics Leadership in Running Fitness qualification. Prior to training as a fitness coach and establishing herself in the health & fitness industry, Julie spent over 20 years behind a desk in London employed in a variety of roles in the management consultancy, executive search and mining industries. Whilst working as part of a global team at Rio Tinto Julie experienced first hand the challenges of incorporating fitness and wellbeing into an international travel schedule. A keen marathon runner she often found running whilst on a long a haul trip an ideal reliever for jet lag.

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