Bob McDowall on how he reduces stress when travelling on business

DSCN0205Dr Bob McDowall, a Principal Consultant, travels extensively on business, often internationally each week depending on client requirements.  Wherever he travels he always chooses to relax using facilities available through the terminal he is travelling from and picks flights which accommodate his travel well-being needs.

What type of business travel do you undertake e.g. meetings, conferences and work based projects?

My business travel is quite varied depending on client requirements.  It includes client consulting and computer validation, engagements at scientific conferences and meetings of scientific societies, public training courses, in-house training courses, and audits of laboratories, computer systems and data centres

How often do you travel for business?

I travel fairly often for work.  It depends entirely on the engagement but will be either weekly or daily.

What are your usual business destinations?

The destination will depend on the client location and type of engagements.  They typically include the UK, Europe, North America and occasionally South Africa, Korea, Japan, Singapore, India, China and Australia.  So fairly wide and frequent.

What mode of transport do you generally use to get to your business destination?

I use a variety of transport modes.   When travelling internationally, or to Manchester and Scotland, I fly to the various destinations.  If I’m travelling around the UK or to Brussels I generally use rail.

Are there any new airport/train station/ferry terminal/motorway facilities that you like to use to assist your wellbeing when travelling on business? (eg massage, quiet place, to freshen up etc)

I try to fly with OneWorld (BA, Iberia, America etc) for access to the lounges which are quieter and more tranquil than in the main airport.  I also like to use London City Airport as it is a good airport short check-in times and rapid exit even with luggage (but unfortunately no lounge).

What are your top travel wellbeing tips?

Take travel delays in your stride and be prepared for them.

How do you reduce stress when travelling?

I don’t work during meals e.g. take a PC to dinner and I read something totally different from your work – give your brain a rest.

How do you adapt your exercise schedule for business travel?

I walk as much as possible.

Finally, do you have a ‘best’ piece of business travel advice for others that need to travel on business in the future?

Be prepared for delays and be relaxed about them.


Author: Amy Collins

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