• Why swimming is an excellent exercise for business travellers  

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    When you think of exercise you think of running, taking classes, or smashing out reps in the weights room but what about swimming?

    young male swimmer swimming with a swim boardThe benefits of swimming

    It won’t impact your luggage allowance.  All you need is your swimsuit, goggles and a swim cap.  If you’re an experienced swimmer, you may want to pack your paddles, pull buoys or kickboards but they’re all very light.

    Swimming is a full body workout whichever stroke you use. Each kick, push or pull is like a mini resistance workout, so you work harder than when you are out of the water.  30 minutes in the pool is worth 45 minutes on land so if your business travel agenda is tightly packed it will be easier to fit in a swim than a run.

    Swimming is kind to your body.  The water supports up to 90% of your body weight, so it’s ideal for pretty much anyone whatever your age or fitness level.  It also means swimming is an option even if you’re injured.

    30 minutes in the water reduces your stress levels.  A Speedo survey of 4000 swimmers revealed that 74% experienced a decline in stress and tension.

    You don’t get sweaty when you swim.  If you avoid high energy exercise because you don’t want to arrive at your meeting red in the face and Female Swimmerperspiring, then swimming could be the answer.  The water keeps your body temperature cool however hard you work out.

    Swimming improves your sleep.  If either a busy mind or jet lag is impacting your sleep a daily swim on your business trip could be just what you need.  A poll by the National Sleep Foundation reported vigorous exercise like swimming means you are twice as likely to enjoy a good nights sleep.

    Swim workouts

    The key to a good swim workout is breaking the session into shorter segments with a mix of work and rest intervals using different strokes.  It’s a better workout for you and keeps your mind engaged in your activity rather than running through your busy travel and work agenda.

    Breaststroke is an excellent stroke for beginners, good for building confidence and great for your inner thighs!  Backstroke is super for working your back and shoulder muscles.  Freestyle or front crawl builds your endurance quickly but breathing rhythm is important, and you should learn to breathe bilaterally.  The butterfly is for the brave and is extremely cardiovascular.

    young woman swims the butterflyYour swim workouts don’t have to be complex, and just four lengths at varying speeds using one or two strokes will set you up for an energetic and productive work day.

    So when you plan your next business trip choose a hotel with a pool if you can.  If not, check out the local areas for your nearest swim centre and get those swim sessions booked into your schedule before you go.

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