Brian Lynn, Director, explains how he manages client meetings when travelling

Brian LynnBrian Lynn, Director at NZ Engineering, spends a large amount of his work time attending client meetings.  He needs to ensure his time isn’t wasted and that any travel involved has a minimum effect on his performance. 

What type of business travel do you undertake e.g. meetings, conferences and work based projects?

Most of my travel involves meetings with suppliers and offsite inspections of products.

How often do you travel for business?

I’m on the go pretty much daily, although the majority of meetings are within the UK and London based.

What mode of transport do you generally use to get to your business destination?

I tend to use rail for national travel and planes for international travel

Are there any new airport/train station/ferry terminal/motorway facilities that you like to use to assist your wellbeing when travelling on business? (eg massage, quiet place, to freshen up etc)

Lavatories are on the top of my list! Free, clean and well equipped are really a must for any business traveller. Something which the Rail Industry has sorely forgotten is providing free, clean and well-equipped lavatories and wash areas. Airports and aeroplane lavatories are much better and provide an opportunity to freshen up prior to a meeting.
I also like to travel where there are ‘quiet’ areas to read, such as a quiet airport, airport lounges and waiting rooms. It would be great if more airports and train terminals had quieter areas away from the main thoroughfare.

Do you pack anything special when travelling on business? (eg special foods/drinks, electronic gadgets that support wellbeing, comfort items such as pillow…)

I like to distract myself from the journey as much as possible, so the main item I travel with is a non-work based book, recently replaced by a kindle. This gives me a chance to switch off and arrive fresh in mind. Hence, I would personally like to see more quiet areas for relaxation prior to boarding and during a journey.

Do you have any special dietary requirements or food preferences which you accommodate when travelling?

I aim for the lower fat options. I prefer not to have to eat the standard greasy fare that is so common in transit facilities. The ability to just have a soup or something light is always more appealing.

What are your top travel wellbeing tips?

Delegate to someone else! I would prefer to delegate to someone else whenever possible. Unfortunately, it is part of the job and not as possible as I would like.

How do you reduce stress when travelling?

I allow myself plenty of time so that at no time I feel I’m running late. So preparation is essential, eg know the route, families yourself with the facilities on offer beforehand, have a map of the airport or train terminal. Also, make sure you are good at time management and allow plenty of opportunities to relax and get good sleep.

How do you adapt your exercise schedule for business travel?

I use a ‘Move it or lose it’ approach. Walk whenever you can, so skip that taxi or tube and use your feet as much as possible. When at train stations or airports walk rather than ride the escalator and conveyor belt.

Finally, do you have a ‘best’ piece of business travel advice for others that need to travel on business in the future?

Don’t do work whilst travelling! You need to have switched off before that meeting or whatever it is, so you don’t feel like you’ve already done a day’s work before the important part starts.

Author: Amy Collins

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