Richard Adams, Company Director, aims to beat DTV and jet lag long haul

Richard Adams, Company Director, travels occasionally long haul to the other side of the world for business.  Richard takes action when travelling long haul to avoid the risk of DVT and to beat jet lag so that he is fresh on arrival.

What type of business travel do you undertake e.g. meetings, conferences, client or site visit etc?
Generally, it is for business meetings when we are starting up with a new associate and occasionally I have to travel to do a site visit as it’s important for us to have the whole picture of a company we are proposing to go into business with.

How often do you travel for business?
On average about twice a year.

What has been your most memorable meal en route?
Air NZ served a very grisly steak which I had to send back so it was memorable for the wrong reasons. The best meal I had was on Etihad Airways where the chef was on call and made the best steak sandwich I have ever had.

Do you have any special dietary requirements?
Yes, I stay clear of lychees as I have an allergic reaction to these.

What is one of your guilty pleasures (food or drink!) when travelling?
Gin and Tonic in the business lounge, no matter what time of day!

Do you pack anything special when travelling on business?
I always take my Kindle and Tablet.

What are your top wellbeing tips?
Depending on the length of trip, if it’s Europe then I don’t tend to worry so much. If it’s long-haul then I may take aspirin before and after.  I tend to be conscious of DTV so I regularly do foot and leg exercises.

What’s your top tip for long-haul flights, such as travelling to New Zealand?
As the flights generally leave at night I try to sleep the first leg and stay awake for the second. I then sleep for 4 hours when I get to the destination but I don’t think there is any real cure for jetlag, so I just wait it out.

Are there any new airport facilities that you are keen to use or try out?
I’d be interested in trying one of the sleeping pods and cabins that are popping up. I don’t tend to use the massagers but I did get a free 15-minute one once which was great.  I’d be more inclined if I were travelling alone.

How do you reduce stress when travelling?
I don’t get stressed travelling.

How do you adapt your exercise schedule for business travel?
I don’t adapt my schedule prior but I do feet and leg exercises regularly on long-haul flights.

Tell us your top three health and fitness tips when travelling on business?
Choose a good seat in the middle of the section so you are not bothered by babies, toilets or the galley.
Drink lots of water in flight as I notice I tend to get very dehydrated.
Change out of your shirt into a t-shirt which is more comfortable and saves creasing

What has been your worse business travel experience?
Travelling from Dubai to Sydney on Emirates was my worse travelling experience. I was at the rear bulkhead in front of economy and the poor baby behind me cried for the 10 hours. The service was also extremely poor which added to the bad experience.

What is your favourite airline? Least favourite airline?
Qantas is probably my favourite airline for business travel particularly long haul as they have comfortable forward facing flat beds and the service is good.  Emirates Airline is currently my least favourite airline for the reasons mentioned above but I am flying them again soon so hopefully, that will change my mind.

What is the best piece of business travel advice to give to other business executives that need to travel for work?
Take a book and choose your seat well. Get some sleep if you can and if not, do some work as there aren’t many distractions and you can get a lot done.


Author: Amy Collins

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