Six relaxing reasons to use London City Airport when travelling on business

city airportLondon City Airport boasts it is the airport of choice for business people travelling to and from central London. Evidence to back up this claim is quite strong with a reported 64% of passengers travelling on business, higher than any other airport hosting business travel in the UK, and probably higher than the majority of airports worldwide. If you speak to frequent business flyers, such as Dr Bob McDowall, Principal Consultant who we interviewed in March, he can verify this claim with reasons as to why he chooses London City Airport as one of his preferred airports for business travel.

Given that business travel is one of the top seven ‚Äėstresses‚Äô in a busy executive‚Äôs life, it not surprising that those travelling on business would naturally cite London City Airport being close to the City of London as one of the main reasons they choose to use it. After all, it is only seven miles compared to nearly twenty to Heathrow. Yet this isn‚Äôt the only reason why busy executives choose LYC over other airports. In our guest interview with Dr Bob McDowall, he reported he likes to reduce additional travel related strain, especially if faced with the prospect of a high hassle & bustle factor, noise and delays, and chooses airports which accommodate a reduction in travel tension.

Here are 6 relaxing reasons to choose London City Airport if you are travelling on business.

Less than 2 minute walk from connecting public transport
London City Airport is renowned for its ease to get to. Business Traveller magazine (2009) rated it as having the best public transport links in the world. Docklands Light Railway (DLR) connects to the airport terminal only making it a two minute walk from the station. From the DLR network you will be linked with the London undercover Underground and National Rail at various connecting stations.

Quick check in
London City Airport does well to offer a quick transition for passengers departing and arriving, particularly as it boosts being a fast and efficient gateway to East and Central London. With this in mind, business travellers are offered efficient self-service check in machines, immediately apparent as you arrive at the main terminal, as well as check in desks. Upon arrival you will also notice how efficient your luggage is cleared as well.

Self bag tagging facilities
It takes only 24 seconds to check your bag in, according to London City Airport. The self service bag tagging allows you to print out a label and tag your own bag. That’s less time for queuing and more time to relax. Or better still, even less time in the airport and more time before leaving home or office.

Punctuality of air flights into and out of London City Airport (LCY)
There’s nothing worse than wondering if you will be arriving late at your destination, particularly when your business trip has been planned to meet crucial deadlines or demanding clients at a specified time.

Relax! London City Airport is one of the most punctual airports in the UK according to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) statistics. The CAA reports that nearly 90% of all scheduled flights at LCY are on time which compares favourably to other airports where only 80% were on time. What’s more, being late isn’t significantly late according to CAA statistics, as LCY also has the shortest average delay per flight of just seven minutes! So you can relax with peace of mind knowing that you will most likely make your connecting business flight or arrive on time for your business meeting.

Silent Airport
London City Airport has a silent airport policy in place. This means that only in the case of emergency or during bad weather will announcements be made. What’s more when combined with exceptionally short check in you won’t notice there is no business lounge facility.

Complimentary Shoe Shine
Sit back and chill out while you enjoy a professional shoe shine courtesy of London City Airport. There is also a complimentary jacket steaming service, both located next to the Information desk in the departure Lounge. At last, you can relax knowing that when you arrive at your destination with your professional image will be intact.

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Kathy Lewis, R.Nutr, BCApSc, MSc, MBA,
Author: Kathy Lewis, R.Nutr, BCApSc, MSc, MBA,
Kathy Lewis, Consultancy Director, enjoys a multidisciplinary career based on a portfolio of achievement.  Kathy is a Management Consultant for Executive Travel Wellbeing and Stress, Health Promotion Specialist, Consultant Nutritionist (Registered Nutritionist and World Public Health Nutritionist) and a Chartered Marketer with over 25 years of experience.   Her specialist areas include executive stress and wellbeing (including jet-lag and travel wellness),  travel nutrition, travel policies, corporate vitality, employee engagement, marketing and internal communications. Kathy holds several relevant degrees, Masters in Applied Psychology (MSc) with distinction for her research in Executive stress and maladaptive coping behaviours looking specifically at clinical work-based stress and the impact on healthy lifestyles, Masters in Business Administration (MBA), with distinctions achieved in Management Accounts, Statistics and Project Management, completed with a research-based dissertation in the marketing of healthy options in catering establishments, and a Bachelor degree in Nutrition and Food Science.Over the last 25 years, Kathy has worked as a consultant and advised in various industries, from travel, health and food to financial services and telecommunications, on nutrition, executive wellbeing, workplace health, change management, internal communications and employee engagement. She has worked with a variety of clients across local government, NHS, educational institutes, NGO’s, national and multinational companies. As a Management Consultant (post-MBA) Kathy was required to travel to several locations each week and in 2002 began her masters in Applied Psychology (& Health Promotion) as a result of observing the stress in senior managers.  She was awarded a distinction for both her research on work-related stress and maladaptive behaviours and her course work.  Prior to this, Kathy spent many years working with catering establishments to provide healthy options, and prior to this working in diet and fitness centres, following her degree in Human Nutrition and Food Science in 1989.   Combining all areas of experience and expertise was the obvious way forward, and subsequently founded the concept of business travel vitality and wellbeing. Kathy is a former Consulting Editor for Readers Digest Association Inc (USA) and Readers’ Digest UK (Vivat), as well as the former founding Non-Executive Editor for the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) Food, Drink and Agriculture group. As an author, she has written a number of publications and a variety of articles in consumer publications and professional journals, with guest media appearances on a number of radio shows, including the BBC, London and regional radio.  She enjoys public speaking on a range of topics and is a regular speaker at professional events. Kathy is also the Vice Chair of The Caroline Walker Trust, Founder of the International Forum for Health Promotion and Education, a board advisor for the Tessa Sanderson Foundation and Academy, the Vice-Chair/former Chair for the Financial Services Board at the Chartered Institute of Marketing, former Trustee/Non-Executive Director for the Association of MBA’s (where she chaired the Governance Committee and was a member of the HR Committee and Strategic Working Party), former Honorary Secretary for the Institute of Health Promotion and Education, a founding Council Member of the Association for Nutrition. Kathy was also a committee member for the Food, Drink and Agriculture group at the Chartered Insitute of Marketing and a current Non-Executive Director at NZ Engineering. She is a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Association of MBAs, Institute for Travel Management, Association for Woman Travel Executives, Nutrition Society, SENSE, World Public Health Nutrition Association, Association for Nutrition (UK) and International Travel Writers Alliance.  She is a former member of the Institute Institute of Directors, Royal Society of Arts and Institute of Health Promotion and Education.

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