• Can calories on an airport menu really support healthier travel?

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    Do healthy menu options really need a calorific count?

    On my recent trip down to Heathrow airport terminal one, I discovered some rather strange options for travellers wanting to eat light.  And this is despite the Heathrow good health food guide.

    You can imagine my surprise when I took a bite at the Skylark Restaurant.  Delighted at first glance that calories were now on the menu so travellers can make healthier choices, but bewildered by foods labelled as light with their accompanying calorie content.

    What exactly is light about 1386 calories for a snack or starter?  Nearly a whole day’s intake in one huge swoop!

    Don’t get me wrong I rather like Nachos as a dish, but to promote Nachos as a ‘starter/light bite’ is rather misleading.  If it is a starter, the question then arises – what will the main be in calorific value?  Will it be the whole week’s intake of energy and nutrients thus saving time-consuming other meals during the rest of the week for a busy executive? And then what?  Once digested one won’t really be able to stick to this type of regime for long.  Self-starvation for a week is not recommended should one simply over-consume in one sitting.  The only real concept of being a starter I can see is that it might be a good starter for a weight gain regime – as this dish is equivalent to one-third of the calories needed to gain one pound in weight.  And secondly, as you may have already deduced it isn’t exactly a  light bite.

    However, Nachos is possibly full of various nutrients.  So I give it that at least.

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