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    Walking is great for business

    by  • December 2, 2016 • Fitness • 0 Comments

    Why is walking so great? Research repeatedly tells us that prolonged periods of sitting are bad for us, but when you’ve got hours of work to get through maybe, you feel like you’ve got no choice but to remain sedentary.   Worse still, when combined with travelling, sitting can feel like an involuntary action...

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    Anytime anywhere exercises

    by  • September 17, 2016 • Fitness • 0 Comments

    Of course, you can exercise anytime, anywhere.  Exercise doesn’t have to involve a whole heap of planning, time, sophisticated equipment or even technical clothing.  You can keep it quick and simple and still get great results. Here’s six of the best anytime anywhere exercises to keep you in great shape while travelling for business:...

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    Travel workouts for beginners

    by  • June 6, 2016 • Fitness • 0 Comments

    Julie Dennis, our fitness coach, has some great advice on travel workouts for beginners, especially aimed at business travellers. If you read last month’s blog the ‘Beginners Guide to Exercise when Travelling on Business you’ll already know whether you’re a stick or a carrot.  If you’re a carrot that’s great – your motivation preference...

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    Why preparation is key to staying fit and productive

    by  • August 2, 2015 • Fitness • 0 Comments

    Preparation is the key to a successful business trip and meeting with clients. Yet preparation for our down time tends to be last thing we think of. Maintaining a fitness routine when you’re travelling for business doesn’t have to be complicated.  It just requires a little planning and preparation ahead of departure. Firstly, get...

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    Five airport fitness facilities you have to try

    by  • July 1, 2015 • America, Asia, Europe, Fitness, Jet lag, Korea, Long haul flights • 0 Comments

    Airport fitness facilities are beginning to ‘take off’ with business travellers. When you think about how many hours you’ve sat in airports waiting for your flight to be called, it isn’t surprising business travellers are beginning to demand better facilities, particularly when business travel is on the increase. The risks of a sedentary lifestyle...

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