Regular business trips can trigger anxiety and sleep issues

Can regular business trips really trigger health issues?

Constant business travel can wreak havoc on your health in ways you may not immediately realize. In terms of keeping physically fit, taking consecutive business trips can easily tear you away from your workout regimen. It’s commonplace for business travellers to find themselves spending more time in airports and hotels than they would want to, which often leaves no room for gym time.  However, in a recent post here on Extra Vitality, we’ve listed training trends you can apply to your travelling schedule to help you stay fit and healthy. One recommendation is to incorporate more bodyweight training that can easily be done in a hotel room without any equipment.

With a consistent exercise plan, you can fortify your wellbeing even when you are on the road. Apart from maintaining your fitness levels, there is another aspect of your health you must take care of: your sleeping habit. Between adjusting to new time zones and getting from one point to the next at odd hours, there are aspects of business travel that just can’t be avoided. Here we bring to light how business travel can trigger anxiety and sleep issues, and how you can employ appropriate adjustments to stay strong and alert.

Business Travel Can Lead to Health Troubles

Regular business trips can make you susceptible to bad health. Doctor NDTV reported on a study that examined how work that requires a lot of travel can boost the likelihood of anxiety, depression, unhealthy lifestyle choices, and sleeping problems. Moreover, the report also stressed that individuals who travelled frequently compared to those who are office-based were more likely to have poor behavioural and mental health issues. This was due to the extended time spent away from home. The report came to this conclusion after correlating the de-identified health records of 18,328 employees who took a health assessment in 2015.

These cases occur more than you may think.  The Harvard Business Review underscores that over 70 percent of business travellers experience the aforementioned symptoms, along with other health drawbacks that also include gastronomical issues and mood swings. Such conditions ultimately have a negative impact on job performance

Approach Health Holistically

For business travellers, getting ample amounts of shuteye is a common challenge. Sleep deprivation not only exposes you to a laundry list of health issues, but it also makes you less effective at your job. Leesa reports that a lack of sleep weakens your memory and negatively affects your learning process. So, how do you reverse this? For starters, take naps when and where you can. If you are spending a lot of time at airports you could nap while waiting for your plane or during the flight. The Huffington Post lists the benefits of napping as lowering your blood pressure, regaining your alertness and memory, and warding off heart disease. A short nap could make all the difference between arriving at a meeting ready or tired.

Aside from napping, you should also be mindful of your meals, especially during work functions. USA Today advises that during a meeting you should ditch high-sugar and high-calorie beverages like soda and artificial fruit drinks, and instead simply opt for water, tea or coffee. Other tactics that would help keep your business trip healthy is limiting the number of alcoholic drinks during after-work gatherings, avoiding snacking, and choosing healthier variants of foods when you are at the airport or restaurant. It’s always imperative to make a conscious effort to stay in good health, even when work circumstances make it hard to do so.


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