Healthier breakfasts: containers and combinations

Granola with yoghurt and fruits to go.Breakfast is an important part of our day as it contributes vital nutrients to the overall daily intake, supplies us with energy for the day ahead and sends signals via our peripheral body clocks to our master body clock that we are awake and it’s time to get going.

Yet leaving early for the airport or train often means missing breakfast when you are in a rush.  Sometimes, it’s just too early for caterers to be open.  Being prepared is one way of making sure you don’t miss out on breakfast.

Don’t forget, you can’t take more than 100 ml of liquid through security at airports, although you can take over 100 ml of liquid on trains.  Unfortunately, for business flyers this includes yoghurt.  However, you can pick up a yoghurt post security and take your other favourite toppings with you.

Here are a few items which could come in handy…along with some breakfast suggestions

Sistema To Go Compact Breakfast Storage Container

Sistema To Go Compact Breakfast Storage Container, 530 ml - Clear/Pink

This breakfast container has a removable upper tray which can store cereal toppers, such as berries or fruit salad, separately from the cereal below.  The two compartments keep the separate foods fresh until you are ready to eat.  The container comes complete with a spoon to make it easy to have breakfast on the go.

Features also include a flexible seal to prevent leakage while keeping food fresh along with easy locking clips to prevent spillage.

Suitable breakfast combinations could include granola plus strawberries, nutty oats plus mixed berries, bran flakes plus fruit salad, Bircher plus blueberries, and muesli plus mashed banana with lemon juice.  Alternatively, you could use vegetable-based combinations, such as pitta bread with hummus, unleavened bread with tzatziki, and sourdough soldiers with smashed avocado.  Remember to add lemon to mashed banana, chopped apples or smashed avocado to prevent browning en route.

Weighs less than 100 grams.

Smash Nude Food Mover Brekky Cup Mover

Smash 4315 Nude Food Mover Brekky Cup Mover - Blue/ ClearThe Brekky Cup holds a larger volume in the lower section allowing you to pack more cereal or oats in.  The other added advantage over the former container is its slimline design, making it easy to fit into most cup holders so you can place it on the side of your backpack or car cup holder.  The Brekky Cup also comes with an attachable spoon.

While our suggestions will be similar to the above combinations, you could also consider stewed apple, tinned peaches or apricots, stewed prunes and grapefruit segments.

Weight is only 240 grams.

Müsli-To-Go cereal travel mug with insulated milk cooler

Müsli-To-Go cereal travel mug with insulated milk cooler, with 2-go spoon for on the go blueIf you prefer to eat cereal with milk or yoghurt before security or while travelling by train, then this insulated travel mug with milk cooler is ideal for keeping your yoghurt or milk cool and separate from cereal until you arrive at the airport or board the train.

Your cereal (260 ml) will remain crisp in the upper layer while your milk or yoghurt (85 ml) remains fresh for a reasonable time in the insulated lower part of the cup.  The lower section has an integrated cooling function with reusable cooling gel.  Simply place into the refrigerator for an hour before travelling.

Includes a folding spoon located in the lid.  This mug is leak-proof and easy to clean.  Weighs less than 200 grams.

Sistema Microwave Breakfast Bowl

Sistema Microwave Breakfast Bowl, 850 ml - Red/Clear

Alternatively, if you prefer to take a cold item to heat up in a microwave, then this microwave breakfast bowl could be the answer.  Where’s a microwave en route when you need one? Most Regus business lounges at UK airports have a kitchen facility, similarly, self-catering rooms may also offer a microwave.

This cup is an inexpensive option for a healthy breakfast as the cost can be quickly recovered by not buying cafe style porridge pots for a couple of days.

The suggested rolled oat porridge recipe from Sistema is simple:  Microwave 1/2 cup oats and 1/4 cup of water or milk for 2 1/2 minutes.  Stop and stir halfway through.  Allow one minute to stand before eating.  Alternatively, you can use quick oats and microwave for 1 1/2 to 2 minutes.

One approach is to cook and freeze the porridge the night before travelling, while another is to pre-pack the oats in a small snack bag (see below) for a quick grab in the morning.  Alternative breakfast options include prepared stir-fried rice and scrambled eggs dishes to microwave.

Weight is only 140 grams.

Reusable Silicone Food Storage Bag

Reusable Silicone Food Storage Bag, Airtight, Leak Resistant Seal Food Preservation Container for Fruits Vegetables Meat Fridge Food Storage and Kitchen Cooking Utensil (1L)Perhaps it’s the room in your hand luggage you need to watch.  If so, then these silicone bags are ideal if packing space is short.  These reusable bags are completely airtight and have a leak-proof vacuum seal with a ziplock.

They can withstand temperature from -50oC making them perfect to store prepared food in the freezer, taking them out before leaving home.  They are also microwaving safe, resisting temperatures up to +250oC.

Perfect for continental style breakfast foods such as cold meats, cheese, bread, oats, banana & nut mix, fruit salads, whole fruits such as grapes. Items to make in advance for freezing overnight could include Spanish omelette slice, breakfast wraps, scrambled egg and smoked salmon wrap, vegetable and egg muffins, banana and nut muffins, and baked egg cups.

Made from 100% BPA-free silicone they are durable, lightweight and reusable.  To clean, either rinse in water at your destination or chuck into the dishwasher when back home.  Weighs only 132 grams per bag.

Kangcheng Collapsible Camping Bowl Multifunction Food Container

Kangcheng Collapsible Camping Bowl Multifuntion Food Container Sets Space-Saving Box Outdoor Silicone for Hiking,TravellingLastly, these collapsible bowls (there are coffee cups and meal boxes in the range as well) are becoming all the rage.  When not being used, they take up little space in your hand luggage as you can collapse them flat.

They are also microwaveable (572oF) and freezer safe (-40oF).  Which means you can microwave and then freeze your breakfast in advance and take it with you.

Suitable breakfast recipes include vegetable omelettes, raspberry and oatmeal breakfast cake, porridge and berry compote, baked eggs with smoked salmon or cooked eggs with dried tomato and feta.

One final point to mention

To avoid disaster, it is always best to try out any equipment you obtain before your intended day of travel.  Give it a go first; then you will find travelling with a prepared nutritious breakfast is a healthier option for you in the future.

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Author: Amy Collins

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