• Five ways to tighten your tummy when travelling

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    When working and travelling on business, tightening your tummy muscles can aid your posture and subsequently your performance by helping to prevent back ache. 

    Strengthening your core isn’t just about looking good on the beach it also trains the muscles around your trunk and pelvis to work in harmony. This results in improved balance and stability in all your daily activities whether that’s bending to tie your shoe laces, reaching for a brief case from the luggage rack or swinging a golf club on the green. If your job simply doesn’t leave you enough time to get to the gym to work out here are five tummy tighteners you can execute on the go. Young man smiling traveling by public transport

    On the train

    If you regularly travel by train, imagine how different your journey would be if you weren’t involved in the battle for a seat. Standing rather than sitting can give your abs a great workout. Hold onto a handrail for safety and each time the train brakes or turns, brace your deep stomach muscles to keep yourself stable. This gives you a far more functional workout than endless ab crunches at the gym.

     At the airport

    If you’re a regular overseas traveller you’ll be familiar with queuing whether it’s at check in, passport control or waiting for your luggage. Why not use that time to work the deep core muscles that help stabilize the lower part of your spine Chatting to a client before departingand pelvic area. As you’re waiting stand up straight and gently draw your navel in towards your spine. Hold that contraction for 10 seconds and then release, but don’t be tempted to hold your breath! Continue to breathe normally throughout the exercise and keep repeating for as long as you’re waiting.

     On the plane

    Short or long haul flights are ideal opportunities to focus on your oblique abs. To work those muscles simply lift your right hip off the seat, hold for five seconds and lower. Do the same movement with your left hip. Repeat 10 times.

     At your deskBusinessman and woman in office

    Do not underestimate what you can discreetly achieve at your desk simply by sitting up straight. When you sit up straight in your chair with your shoulders back and feet flat on the floor you’re much more likely to engage your abs. Start with five minute bursts each day and gradually extend those periods of time until you find you’re sitting up straight the whole day.

     In your car

    How much time do you spend sitting in traffic jams? Use that time to work on your six pack! Place your hands against the roof of your car, push up with your arms and squeeze your abs at the same time. Hold that position for 10 seconds and then release. Repeat for as long as you’re stuck in traffic. You can increase the difficulty by lifting your feet a few inches off the floor as you push into the roof.

     A strong core doesn’t just lead to more defined abdominal muscles it also reduces the risk of lower back pain. So if you’re serious about investing in your long term health start incorporating some discreet core exercises into your work routine today.

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